Proxy Marriage

Online Annulment

Sometimes marriages don’t get a happy ending, even proxy marriages. If you were married by proxy through a Montana double proxy marriage you may qualify for an annulment through Proxy Divorce. 

How is an annulment different than a divorce? A divorce is an end to a marriage, an annulment is an eraser that makes it like the marriage never happened. If your proxy marriage ends in divorce, you’re just like half the marriages out there. But, if you’re able to get an annulment the judge’s order goes back in time and undoes the marriage before it even started. Legally, it makes it like the marriage never happened at all. 

By using this system, we are able to offer proxy annulments to anyone who was married in a Montana double proxy marriage and now wants to end it. No matter where you are we can dissolve your marriage, no travel required. Based on the information you provide, we will draft your legal paperwork and email it to you. You’ll need to print it out, sign it in front of a notary, and then mail the original to us for filing with the Court. In some cases you may need to call the Court for a brief hearing before your annulment is finalized. But that’s it. 

The legal process is technically called a declaration of invalidity of marriage. But it’s the same thing as an annulment, the name that is more common. The benefits of this are obvious. Instead of being divorced, your legal status is never married. Also, no matter where you are you can go through this process without travel. For active duty members of the Armed Forces, it’s a must. 

But, there are additional legal requirements you have to meet. The best way to find out if you qualify is to fill out our questionnaire by clicking on this link. Filling out the form is totally free and there’s no obligation. One of our attorneys will review your application and get back to you right away with an assessment of your case and any additional questions or information we need. 

Rest assured though, even though a proxy annulment is different than a divorce, it still accomplishes the same things. If the two of you share debt, the declaration of invalidity of marriage (the legal document the judge signs at the end of the process) can divide that debt between the two of you. 

The same thing applies to property that the two of you have acquired during you marriage. In a traditional divorce, a major step is dividing the assets. An important thing to remember is that a Proxy Annulment is only available when the two of you agree. So while the end result can be an order dividing your property, it is necessary that you two agree on how to split things up. 

We aren’t able to represent spouses who don’t agree on all the terms. But if you do, and if you qualify, then a proxy annulment can divide your assets in the same way as any other divorce. 

Want to find out if a Proxy Annulment is an option for you? Click here to fill out our online questionnaire and one of our attorneys will get back to you shortly.

Proxy Marriage Divorce

Proxy Divorce started as a solution for those married by proxy who needed a divorce. We now serve anyone needing a convenient divorce from anywhere in the world, but we haven’t forgotten our roots.

The benefits of a proxy marriage are very similar to the benefits of a proxy divorce. When a marriage comes to an end, you shouldn’t have to wait until you’re living somewhere convenient to get a divorce. With a proxy divorce, no matter where you are and no matter where your spouse is, you can be divorced quickly and easily. Just because you’re stationed or working overseas, you shouldn’t be denied access to the courts to obtain a divorce.

Based in Montana, we are the only divorce option specifically for couples who were married by proxy. We understand the problems that spouses living around the world can cause. Proxy Divorce is designed to help divorcing couples in exactly this situation. Processing paperwork in North America with one spouse in Europe and one in Asia presents problems that most courts aren’t set up to deal with. But with our experience, we are and effective and efficient middleman.

To start your divorce, click here and fill out the information on that page. You’ll then receive an email with a questionnaire about you, your spouse, and your marriage. Send that back and we will prepare your legal paperwork for signature and notarization. You and your spouse mail the originals to our law office, and we file the necessary paperwork and schedule a hearing on your divorce. Although there is absolutely no travel required, one of you will need to be able to call the courthouse on the day of your divorce hearing and answer a few questions for the judge. After the hearing we will obtain certified copies of the divorce decree and email and mail those to you.

The full cost of a proxy divorce is $1,499. This includes all filing costs, attorneys fees, and administrative expenses. You can pay the entire amount up front or use our convenient payment plan. We require a $500 deposit before your legal paperwork is drafted and sent to you and your spouse. After that, the remaining payment only needs to be made before the final paperwork is sent to the court.

In the end, you can obtain a convenient divorce from your proxy marriage without travel or delay. If you have questions, we’re here to help. If you’re ready to get started, we can assist now.