What is a Proxy Marriage?

What is a Proxy Marriage?

A proxy marriage is a marriage where one or both of the parties are represented by someone else, standing in for him or her. This stand-in is known as a proxy. Why would you need a proxy marriage? Simple. If one or both of you can’t attend the wedding ceremony but still want to be married.

While it probably goes back further, most modern proxy marriage laws in the US date back to World War II. Because of the draft, young men were being sent over seas with a great deal of uncertainty as to when (or if) they would return. It was impossible for them to get married because it was impossible for both of the future-spouses to be together in one place. So, a number of states passed proxy marriage laws that allowed another person to stand-in for the deployed service member. This way, the couple was still able to marry.

Fast forward to today, and most states have done away with their proxy marriage laws. In fact, Montana is the only state in the Union to still allow for double proxy marriage. If one person getting married is an active-duty member of the US armed forces, Montana will issue a marriage license and allow a marriage ceremony even though neither party to the marriage is actually there. In a case like that, both people are represented by a proxy. This applies to same-sex marriage as well.

Many couples who have a proxy marriage, also have a more traditional wedding ceremony once they are able to get together with their friends and family. Having a proxy marriage doesn’t stop you from still having the wedding of your dreams later. But it allows you to be married much sooner. For a loving couple separated by thousands of miles, this can make a huge difference. It can also allow for the spouse to come live on base with the military member. This means that the couple can live together sooner, and avoid the cost of two residences.

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By using Montana’s unique law, you can be married anywhere in the world. No matter where you are and no matter where your partner is, you can get a proxy marriage performed and registered with the state of Montana within a few weeks. And, because of the full faith and credit clause of the U.S. Constitution, your marriage will be recognized anywhere in the United States. 

Unfortunately, not all marriages work out. The most commonly cited statistic says that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Unsurprisingly, it’s probably not that simple. But, any way you slice it a lot of marriages need to be dissolved. For people married in a Montana Proxy Marriage, that’s where we come in. We specialize in providing divorces for couples joined by this unique process. You have special considerations and special requirements, and we recognize that. If you’re interested in a proxy divorce and wondering if you qualify, click here to complete our free no-obligation questionnaire