Learn about proxy divorce.

If you are an American citizen with no minor children, and you and your spouse are in complete agreement about the terms of your divorce, we may be able to offer you a proxy annulment. Through our law firm, your marriage can be ended in about a month from anywhere in the world with no travel. How does it work? Read on to learn more. Or, if you're ready, click here to get started.

How It Works

Montana is known for its double proxy marriage laws. This is a great way to start a marriage, can leave people without good options for divorce if the marriage ends. In certain circumstances, we are able to provide an annulment for people who were married by proxy in Montana. We require that there are no minor children and the spouses are in agreement.

To begin the process, click here and fill out the information. Our attorney will review your submission and discuss whether you qualify at no charge. Once you're ready, we will prepare the legal paperwork for you and your spouse to sign and notarize. Those originals are mailed back and then filed in court. Please be aware that the judge will make the ultimate determination whether an annulment can be awarded.

Is this legal?

Montana will grant annulments in a limited number of scenarios. These can be found at Montana Code Annotated section 40-1-402. A free consultation with our attorney will help you determine whether or not you qualify under this law. In order to get started, the first step is to fill out our online questionnaire. The annulment is granted by a Montana District Court, making it legal and recognized throughout the United States.